UK Election - No clear outcome at the bookmaker

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UK Election - No clear outcome at the bookmaker

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The United Kingdom is a betting nation – and the upcoming election is no exception. With the political uncertainty surrounding it, bookmakers are having a field day.

There are dozens of bets that can be placed predicting every possible sort of outcome – it is an election that is certainly proving good for business.

Bambos Charalambous of William Hill bookmakers explained:

“Industry-wide, 25 million pounds have been spent on this particular UK election. And we have seen a flourish of bets in our shops on a hung parliament. Previously up to the first debate, we had Nick Clegg at 150-1, he’s now slashed to 7-1 since the debates have finished.”

The betting reflects the quandary many voters find themselves in ahead of Thursday’s election. The following is a selection of the differing opinions:

“It’s gonna be really, really tricky but having been a Labour voter before I think I’m gonna go Conservative this time round.”

“I don’t think there is an alternative to Gordon Brown personally. I don’t think the other two have the experience he has to get us out of this recession.”

“I don’t want to vote for any of them because I don’t think any of them are honest and I don’t agree with their policies. I don’t want to go into Europe, I don’t want to lose the Pound.”

In elections in the United Kingdom, newspapers traditionally back a chosen party and that has proven bad news for the Labour leader who has yet to receive any official endorsement from the press – even his allies have deserted him.