NYC bomb suspect faces court

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NYC bomb suspect faces court

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A Pakistan-born US citizen is set to appear before judges in New York later today to face allegations he planted a car bomb in Times Square.

30-year-old Faisal Shahzad was arrested as he tried to board a flight for Dubai at the city’s JFK Airport.

FBI officers have been searching his Connecticut home for most of Tuesday.

Pakistani Taliban operatives have claimed responsibility for the attempted bombing, although US authorities have downplayed any such links with the militant group.

Meanwhile in Islamablad, Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik vowed to fully assist US officials with their investigation.

A bomb-laden SUV, believed to belong to Shahzad, was left in Times Square late on Saturday evening, prompting a mass evacuation of the area.

It was defused after a street vendor saw smoke coming from the vehicle and alerted police.

A US law enforcement official told the Reuters news agency that Shazhad had denied any links with radical groups and claimed to have he acted alone.