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Labour candidate calls Brown 'Worst Prime Minister'

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Labour candidate calls Brown 'Worst Prime Minister'


British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, is trying to remain positive after harsh criticism from a member of his own party. Speaking about the support he has received from his wife Sarah, Brown gave his first ever joint interview with her, ahead of Thursday’s election.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Manish Sood, the Labour candidate for north west Norfolk, described Brown as the ‘worst Prime Minister ever’.

The polls still show that the UK is on course for a hung parliament, with Labour level-pegging with the Liberal Democrats.

Two of Labour’s senior ministers have suggested that people vote for the Lib Dems in seats where it is a battle between them and the Conservatives, in order to keep the Tories out of power. Liberal leader, Nick Clegg, is calling this plea for tactical voting ‘desperate’.

Conservative leader, David Cameron, has also been dismissive of the attempts to keep his party out of power, labelling tactical voting as ‘politically bankrupt’. However, Cameron’s lead in the polls is still too small to win outright so he may have to consider a power-sharing deal after Thursday.

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