Anger on the streets of Athens

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Anger on the streets of Athens

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Several thousand public sector workers voice their opposition to austerity measures announced by the Greek government.

This protest could be just a taste of what is to come on Wednesday when private sector workers are due to join the 48 hour public sector walk out.

Services around the country are expected to grind to a halt.

Proposed money saving measures put before parliament in the draft bill include pay freezes, pension cuts and increased taxes.

Teachers, civil servants and pensioners joined forces to urge the government not to make them pay for the country’s financial mistakes.

Unions say the cut backs will hit those with the lowest incomes the hardest.

“We can’t live off of 500 and 600 euros and now they come and take more away? How can we help ourselves? Our children who are unemployed? I don’t understand,” said one woman.

Communist protestors stormed the Acropolis early Tuesday morning.

Using the ancient building as a billboard, they called for Europe-wide demonstrations against the Greek government’s plans.