Obama awaited in oil-stricken coastal region

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Obama awaited in oil-stricken coastal region

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President Obama is to visit the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow to see the efforts being made to control the oil slick now washing up along the Louisiana shore.

The Coast Guard has been working with BP to deploy floating booms to act as walls to contain the oil.

The company has been using chemicals to disperse the slick and has deployed clean-up teams. It has described the operation as the largest response effort ever, but the government has urged it to do more.

With four states having declared a state of emergency, bad weather conditions have been hampering the efforts. For local people it brings grim reminders of hurricane Katrina.

“This is worse than Katrina, much worse,” said Mark McAdams of St Bernard’s Parish. “It would take years and years to fix this. It took two years to build after Katrina here.”

Barack Obama has said that BP is ultimately responsible for the clean-up operation. He has ordered a thorough review of the catastrophe to avoid a repeat. The president said that government emergency workers were being sent to the area as well as ships and planes.

Animal rescue groups have been taking in the first seabirds coated in oil.

Forecasters are predicting more strong winds that could push oil deep into coastal inlets.