Thai 'Red Shirts' sorry for hospital raid

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Thai 'Red Shirts' sorry for hospital raid

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Anti-government protesters in Thailand have apologised a day after the clumsy storming of a hospital in Bangkok.

The Red-shirts, forced their way into the grounds of the medical facility looking for soldiers they insist were hiding and preparing an attack. They didn’t find any.

The incident resulted in the evacuation of some patients.

“Anybody can have freedom and democracy. But there should be a limitation to practise these basic rights. They should not violate others’ rights, especially hospital patients and doctors,” one woman at the hospital said.

The red shirts are demanding the government hold fresh elections, but Thailand’s Prime Minister
Abhisit Vejjajiva has said he will not tolerate further violence.

The leader of the protesters Weng Tojirakarn also condemned what he called the ‘cowboy attitude’ of some of the reds.

Speaking on Thai TV he said, ‘’ “We apologise and will let the hospital return to normal. We will maintain our gatherings, and convince our people to keep gatherings peaceful. We will not enter the hospital again.”

That apology has raised questions over whether the movement is losing direction in a two-month crisis that has already left 27 people dead.