Final leader debate ahead of UK elections

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Final leader debate ahead of UK elections

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The leaders of the three main UK political parties have taken part in the final of the three live debates, ahead of the election next Thursday.

Birmingham in the Midlands was the venue for the last of the 90 minute televised events.

Immigration has been a hot topic since Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s gaffe, where he was unknowingly recorded calling a voter ‘a bigot’.

Though the debate was primarily on the economy, all three did spend time outlining their party’s’ stance.

Brown spoke of future initiatives on immigration: “We’ve got biometric visas, we’ve got foreign nationals’ ID cards and we are going to be counting people in and out of the country. We are taking action and I want to see that action working by the measures we are bringing in.”

Conservative leader, David Cameron criticised the Liberal Democrats policy on immigration: “People do need to know that the Liberal Democrats propose an amnesty for illegal immigrants. Now that could mean that some 600,000 people who are here illegally would actually be allowed to stay here.”

Liberal Democrat thought neither of the other two leaders was being realistic on immigration: “I think we do need to something about the fact that there are lots of people who are living in the shadows of the economy. Gordon Brown and David Cameron just want to deny it is a problem and pretend that somehow it will go away. It won’t.”

Polls since the debate have judged David Cameron’s performance the best. One survey puts the Tory leader at 41 per cent.