Cameron comes out top after final TV debate

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Cameron comes out top after final TV debate

Cameron comes out top after final TV debate
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Opinion polls in the British election race have made David Cameron the winner of the third and last TV debate. The opposition Conservative leader’s standing rose by several percentage points at the expense of Gordon Brown, under pressure after the previous day’s campaign disaster when he described a pensioner as “bigoted”.

Support for Nick Clegg remained roughly the same. Like his rivals, at least one morning paper criticised the Lib Dem leader over plans for a one-off amnesty for some long-term illegal immigrants.

The prime minister, formerly Britain’s finance minister, was seen as having failed to make inroads during the debate, which was mainly focussed on the economy.

“I guess I’m not surprised really, I think Brown after his unfortunate incident the day before was always going to struggle, even when it should have been his strong point,” said one male voter in Birmingham, where the debate took place.

These were the views of other people questioned this morning:
“Clegg’s the best bet. There’s things with each party that are good and bad, but overall I think Clegg would probably have my vote out of the three of them,” said a young woman.
“I followed Labour closely, I’ve always voted for Labour, but its performance is lacking in every sector,” was another man’s opinion.

The party leaders have returned to the campaign trail after last night’s debate.

David Cameron, hoping to capitalise on his performance and end Labour’s 13 years in power, has warned that the election is far from won.

All three parties have been accused of being vague on detail on cuts and tax rises needed to reduce the deficit.

Britain goes to the polls next Thursday.