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UK party leaders gear up for final debate

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UK party leaders gear up for final debate


The leading candidates for the job of the UK’s next prime minister are preparing for their third and final live debate this evening.

The theme will be the economy, the big issue for voters who will make their choice a week today.

Ahead in the polls, but not by much, are the Conservatives of David Cameron. They want to introduce public spending cuts this year and limit tax rises.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is expected to argue that cutting the deficit this year would be dangerous and is likely to be asked to clarify where cuts will be made.

The economy should be Gordon Brown’s forté. As chancellor in the Labour government, he presided over a period of sustained economic growth. But since becoming prime minister that bubble has burst.

He also goes into the debate embarrassed by a huge gaffe yesterday, when he called a lifelong Labour voter a bigot, forgetting that his microphone was still on.

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