EU asked to send observers to Thailand

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EU asked to send observers to Thailand

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Anti-government red shirt protesters in Thailand are calling on the European Union to send observers to Bankgok to prevent a violent crackdown by security forces.

Representatives of the red shirts have delivered a letter to the office of the EU delegation in the Thai capital asking for a team of inspectors to monitor events there.

A day after clashes between government forces and red-shirt supporters which left one soldier dead after an apparent “friendly fire” incident, the streets are relatively quiet.

The EU’s ambassador has responded to the request by calling for calm and respect for the rule of law.

But many demonstrators were left nursing wounds after riot police opened fire on a red shirt rally with rubber bullets.

The red shirts, who want parliament dissolved have turned parts of Bangkok’s commercial heart into a protest camp over the last six weeks.

Now pro-government yellow shirt protesters are making their voices heard by calling on the government to deal with the red shirts once and for all.

Thailand’s foreign minister has said the red shirt protests are under control and there is no need for foreign intervention.