Belguim PM calls for constitutional reform

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Belguim PM calls for constitutional reform

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Acting Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme has said constitutional reform is needed to prevent future political crises in the country.

Leterme’s five month ruling coalition finally fell apart on Monday after talks failed to resolve a longstanding dispute between Dutch and French speaking parties over electoral boundaries in Brussels.

“I believe we must agree on a revision of the Constitution, a revision that allows for changes that make it impossible for the future blockages that we know are harmful to the country,’‘ Leterme said.

The Flemish Liberal party, which sparked the crisis by pulling out of the government has defended its decision.

Herman De Croo from the VLD said:’‘I think the new president of the VLD wanted to make politics credible. Wanted to say, I kept my word. Maybe if the government falls it’s because I kept my word.’‘

Leterme’s Flemish Christian Democrat party says it favours fresh elections to tackle the latest turmoil.

Those could be held in June before Belgium is due to take over the EU presidency.

However, to further complicate matters, the constitutional court has ruled a solution must be found before a new poll can be held.