Anger to Greek austerity grows

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Anger to Greek austerity grows

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The mood against austerity in Greece is becoming increasingly bitter. Transport workers called a six-hour walkout, bringing buses, trains and trams to halt. Many oppose the government’s strict economic measures.

The hostility towards the unpleasant fiscal medicine emerged in a new poll. That shows 61 percent of Greeks are against going cap in hand to the EU and IMF for a 45 billion euro loan.

But, Greece’s Prime Minister George Papandreou insisted the reforms will give the country new life.

‘‘We’re going through one of the most difficult moments that Greece has had for decades. The challenges our country faces are unprecedented – not only for Greece, but also for the global economy and for Europe. The responsibilities we have undertaken are historic. We’re making decisive political decisions – decisive for the future of Greeks and the future of Europe,’‘ said Papandreou.

Such words, however, look set to fall on deaf ears, with many people preparing to protest.

‘‘For many years in Greece there has been this practice, it’s not easy to change. What can we do? Sit on the couch and protest on Facebook? Maybe young people can do that but workers don’t have any other way,’‘ one man in Athens said.

‘‘The protests should take place. We all have to do something, everyone has to act, because from what I can see, they’re leading us to the edge of a cliff,’‘ another man said.

The public outcry is also unnerving investors. Many remain jittery that reform may take a hit if anger grows into large-scale unrest.