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The yolk's on campaigning Cameron

United Kingdom

The yolk's on campaigning Cameron

The UK’s general election campaign became a little livelier yesterday when the opposition Conservative leader was pelted with an egg.

Television footage showed a young man wearing a grey hooded top throwing an object at David Cameron as he left a college in Cornwall.

The Tory leader took it in good part possibly as someone else was on the receiving end of most of the yolk.

The May 6 general election is one of the closest in years. The Conservatives are ahead in the polls but only just. With much of the electorate disenchanted with politicians after an expenses scandal, most analysts are predicting a hung parliament. The Conservatives say the country is ready for a change of government and that means them.

After 13 years in power Gordon Brown’s ruling Labour party has been accused of appearing desperate. This week he has been trying to find common ground with Britain’s third party the Liberal Democrats.

For the first time in decades they are in with a chance of getting into power as a possible coalition partner. Under Nick Clegg’s leadership they have even found themselves in second place in some opinion polls, ahead of Labour. Issues which are dear to a Lib/Dem’s heart such as voting reform have suddenly reached the campaign agenda.

And Clegg has become the man of the moment after performing well in the UK’s first ever televised debate between the three leaders last week. All eyes are now on the second, to be held tonight where Clegg is expected to have a rough ride as he and his two rivals present their views on foreign affairs.