Skies are open but there is misery on the ground

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Skies are open but there is misery on the ground

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Air traffic in Europe should be back to nearly 100 per cent for the first time in almost a week since a no-fly ban was imposed due to the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland.

But while the skies are open once again, on the ground the misery continues for many.

Tens of thousands remain stranded round the world, vying for tickets on the next available flight for the quickest route home.

David Henderson of the Association of European airlines explained: “ Europe is open, the flights are not running normally yet, there is still a lot of moving about of aircraft to be done. The biggest issue for us now is getting the stranded passengers home and that’s become a kind of humanitarian effort.”

Despite night flights being allowed to help clear the back log along with some planes being flown specifically to pick up marooned tourists, many people have long since out run their credit card limits during their enforced prolonged stay.

In Los Angeles, French consular David Martinon’s response was to appeal to fellow countrymen.

“I call on all French people living in Los Angeles who have a spare bedroom to help French families who’ve run out of money.”

A full return to normal is expected to take another 48 hours.