Questions after air lockdown eases

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Questions after air lockdown eases

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The first flight landed in Belgium as the aerial lockdown started to ease. And as the skies in Europe took on a more familiar sight questions and criticism are also starting to fill the air.

The Association of European Airlines has been critical of how the UK maintained restrictions and called for greater coordination between governments.

The Association of European Airlines Information Manager, David Henderson said: “We are pleased with the ministers’ decision in as much as it promised a coordinated roll back of the no fly zone. We are less pleased in the way it was implemented today. It hasn’t been done in a fully coordinated fashion.”

For stranded passengers, says the Association, this lack of coordination has added to the confusion and chaos. The queues and questions will not disappear overnight. Travellers who were returning home to Finland, arrived at Madrid airport and faced a long journey by bus.

“I go to Copenhagen and from Copenhagen to Stockholm and from Stockholm we have a ferry overnight, we have to stay overnight in a ferry. But first we have to travel forty plus hours,” explained Satu Nurmi one of the stranded tourists.

The port of Patras in Greece became a hub with one ferry docking from Ancona in Italy, the passengers relieved, many hoping to get flights from Athens international airport where planes to some destinations had continued to operate.

“We went from Florence by car down to Ancona, then on the ferry over, then we have to go to Athens then fly to Tel-Aviv and Tel-Aviv back to New York City. So its been quite a trip we won’t get home until Thursday,” explained one American tourist.

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