Fog of ash hits Iceland's farmers

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Fog of ash hits Iceland's farmers

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As Europe takes to the skies again, down on the ground Iceland’s farmers fight with the fallout from last week’s volcanic eruption.

The Eyjafjallajokull glacier spewed out a heavy ash cloud over much of the Icelandic countryside, leaving farmers scrambling to protect their herds.

But conditions hampered their efforts as the fog of ash blotted out the sunlight, thrusting Iceland back into a winter-like darkness.

If animals inhale the highly toxic ash, it can cause internal bleeding, long-term bone damage and teeth loss.

Farmers will now be hoping for rain so their herds can return to graze on the fields.

But the biggest problem remains: no-one knows how much longer the eruptions will go on for.

The volcano underneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier has erupted five times since Iceland was settled in the ninth century.

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