Europe's stranded passengers inundate rail and bus routes

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Europe's stranded passengers inundate rail and bus routes

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Stranded travellers in Europe have been scrambling to secure seats on trains, buses and even taxis to complete their journey’s.

With limited flights flying throughout the continent, overland travel is experiencing an unprecedented demand.

High speed European train operator Talys has been inundated.

“At the beginning it was more from Amsterdam. So we had a big pressure between Paris and Amsterdam, and Amsterdam and Paris during Friday and part of Saturday,” said Olivier Poitreau, CEO of Thalys

“But after that it came from northern and eastern Europe. A lot of passengers are trying to go to Berlin, to the north of Europe.”

Queues are long, tempers are short, but for some people, the waiting game has finally paid off.

“We were stuck for three days in London, we got here by Eurostar, and now we are waiting to get on bus to Bulgaria,” said a Bulgarian passenger.

“They have said it will be 36 hours of bus ride, which will be magnificent!”

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