UK's political leaders prepare for live TV debate

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UK's political leaders prepare for live TV debate

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Lights, camera, action…

The leaders of Britain’s three main political parties are preparing to hold their first ever live TV debate.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg will do battle on camera… answering questions chosen by a studio audience of 200 people.

Andrew Hawkins, of the ComRes polling agency said: “The fates of all the party leaders will rest on their ability in 90 minutes of set-piece debating to persuade people that they are the right folk to run the country.”

Gordon Brown’s ruling Labour party has made a comeback in the polls recently after trailing the Conservatives by a double-digit margin for much of last year.

Asked why he agreed to risk taking part, the prime minister – who admits to being nervous -says he is determined to get his message across.

David Cameron – fighting to lead his party back to power after 13 years in opposition – says he can not pretend he is not nervous but he is “looking forward” to the contest.

On the streets – in the tongue-in-cheek poster campaigns – the Tories are accusing Brown of making the rich richer and the poor poorer… by failing to keep the promises made since Labour first swept to power in 1997

Labour is portraying Cameron as a throwback to a bygone age who will drag Britain back to the bad old days of boom and bust.