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Polish unity cracks over choice of burial site

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Polish unity cracks over choice of burial site


Poland’s sense of unity in the aftermath of Saturday’s plane crash which killed much of the country’s ruling elite, appears to be fraying.
Thousands in Krakow have protested against the choice of burial site for their late president.

It was the same in Warsaw – Wawel Cathedral has been selected as President Lech Kaczynski’s final resting place but it is a choice which has angered many.

Polish Actress Dorota Stalinska was among the protesters:
“Wawel is the place to bury our kings. Have we enough reason for him to enter our history books like our kings? It’s our history, nobody asked the people about it.”

Meanwhile mourners in their thousands have continued to pay their respects to the first couple.
While this difficult week for Poland continues, the announcement of when a presidential election will be held will have to wait a few more days, although June 20 seems a likely date.

As thirty more bodies were repatriated from the crash site near Smolensk in Russia, impatience was growing for answers to what caused the accident.

Initial finding are expected within days now – small consolation to the 96 families have lost a loved one.

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