Burial plans split Poland

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Burial plans split Poland

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk joined thousands of mourners as he paid his last respects to the late President on Wednesday.

The bodies of Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria wil lie in state at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw ahead of the first couple’s funeral on Sunday.

US President Barack Obama will attend the ceremony, together with the leaders of France, Germany and Russia among other dignitaries.

An announcement setting the date for forthcoming elections was due today but has now been pushed back until next week. A government source said it was likely to be held on 20th June.

Until now Poland has been united in grief. But the decision to bury the late President at Wawel Cathedral in Krakow has divided public opinion.

“I live in Warsaw so I don’t like this idea, because I think that the President, who was born and bred in Warsaw, should be laid to rest in Warsaw,” said 24 year-old Danuta Jablonska.

“I think they deserve this. They died on the way to represent our country so I think it’s a very good decision and I really don’t understand the people who protest against it,” said 56 year-old Dorota Wermut.

Wawel Cathedral is normally reserved for national heroes, poets and kings.