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Thai military chief calls for dissolution of parliament

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Thai military chief calls for dissolution of parliament


Anti-government protesters in Thailand like these outside the Prime Minister’s home have reason to celebrate after two influential players in the country’s affairs backed their cause.

The Election Commission has recommended that the ruling party be dissolved, while the head of the army has said the same should happen to parliament.

“If the issue can’t be resolved through political means, then dissolution has to come,” said General Anupong Paochinda.

The army plays an important role in Thai politics but the general said he was getting too involved. “What happens next is up to the politicians. I only want peace,” said the general.

Such words crank up the pressure on Abhisit Vejjajiva. The prime minister was seen as having the army’s backing: he came to power after a military coup. The Electoral Commission’s ruling finding his party guilty of misusing donations is also a concern.

All this is welcome news for the anti-government protesters, days after the clashes that killed 21 people in the worst political violence in Thailand since 1992. The red-shirts brought the case before the Commission. In the past its decisions have brought down several governments.

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