Polish PM receives black box findings

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Polish PM receives black box findings

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Investigators sifting through the debris of last weekend’s plane crash that killed the Polish President say they have found a third flight data recorder.

Preliminary findings from the first two have already been presented to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Teams of Russian and Polish experts have joined forces to try and establish the cause of the accident.

“This work has to be coordinated in such a way that the circumstances of what happened will be investigated objectively, so that our countries will know the truth,” said Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The plane clipped trees as the pilot made a fatal fourth attempt to land in thick fog.

The flight recorders should provide vital clues as to what caused the crash, why the pilot ignored severe weather warnings and failed to take advice from Russian air traffic controllers to divert.

Relatives of the 96 victims have flown to Moscow to help forensic experts identify the bodies.

The tragedy has marked a watershed for relations between Russia and Poland, prompting the two countries to put finally put their differences aside.