Fatal train crash in Italy

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Fatal train crash in Italy

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At least nine people have been killed in a train crash in Northern Italy. Up to thirty others have reportedly been injured, according to the emergency services.

As photographs from the scene seem to indicate, there had been a landslide in the area before the accident happened. One of the carriages was forced off the tracks.

It happened just after nine o clock this morning on a section of single track in the mountainous region of Alto Adige on the border with Austria.

Stephano Mamani, head of Bolzano’s emergency services:

“Both carriages were filled with debris from the landslide and the rescue operation is very difficult. But the local emergency services are very experienced, there are a lot of people at the scene and they will get the work done.”

The train was travelling between the towns of Malles and Merano when the accident happened.

The line is one of the newest in the region, and was opened in 2005.

Officials at the scene say the death toll may rise – Euronews will bring you more details as soon as they are available.