Hungary's centre-right set for huge poll win

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Hungary's centre-right set for huge poll win

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Hungary goes to the polls this Sunday with the centre-right opposition set for a landslide victory over the ruling Socialist party.

Fidesz, led by 46-year-old Viktor Orban, are expected to win some two-thirds of the seats in parliament, providing them with a platform for their ambitious economic reforms.

Orban says he wants to cure Hungary’s fiscal woes by slashing public spending and reforming the tax system.

The country had to tap IMF and EU emergency funds in 2008 when it almost defaulted on its sovereign debt.

Its economy shrank 6.3 per cent last year and unemployment now hovers around the 11 per cent mark.

Fears over joblessness have provided political ammunition for the far-right Jobbik and its 31-year-old firebrand leader Gabor Vona.

He talks of solving the so-called “Roma problem” claiming Roma immigrants are exploiting the country’s welfare system.

Opinion polls suggest Jobbik could win 13 per cent of the vote.

But Orban has ruled out any cooperation with Vona, fearing any collaboration with the far-right group could lead Hungary to be frozen-out politically by its EU and international partners.