Opposition leader claims Kyrgyzstan control

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Opposition leader claims Kyrgyzstan control

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The Kyrgyzstan opposition party claims it has seized power in the impoverished Asian state after a violent uprising forced President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to flee the capital Bishkek.

Rioters ransacked government buildings setting fire to offices and casting official papers to the wind.

Political unrest has been simmering since March with poverty, inflation and corruption at the core of the complaints.

This man said: “Bakiyev’s administration is corrupt, this criminal government robbed its own people. That is why the people themselves started this protest, no one told them to do it, they did it themselves, they took power without the help of the opposition.”

Residents in the capital awoke to burning cars after hoards of protesters ran riot leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, shops were set alight and looted.

Opposition leader Roza Otunbayeva says the National Security Service and Interior Ministry are now in the hands of the interim government and looters will be shot.

Meanwhile, the US has suspended NATO support flights for the mission in Afghanistan from its Manas air base as a result of the political instability.

President Bakiyev has rejected the interim administration he is currently holed up in southern city of Osh, his traditional power base, in a country riven by clan rivalries.