Kyrgyzstan uprising

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Kyrgyzstan uprising

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Kyrgyzstan’s opposition claims to have seized power and dissolved parliament.

It comes in the wake of a bloody uprising which prompted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev to flee the capital of the Central Asian state.

While Wednesday’s explosive developments remain shrouded in confusion, it is clear that events unfolded rapidly.

The tensions that had erupted elsewhere in the country quickly spread to government’s front door, with any angry crowd laying siege to the seat of power.

Riot police were overwhelmed as the unrest gathered momentum.

Other security forces then tried to fill the breach. The opposition claims they opened fire on those trying to force their way into the parliament, causing many of the fatalities.

There were reports of other government buildings and symbols of Bakiyev’s rule being attacked.

Before the day was out the president had fled the capital.