Back to school for some Haitian children

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Back to school for some Haitian children

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Nearly three months since Haiti’s devastating earthquake schools across the wrecked capital Port au Prince have begun reopening for the first time.

It is a major step towards normalcy, arguably a rarity recently.

4000 schools were either damaged or destroyed in the disaster.

But even if Haiti’s hard hit education system is starting to recover, the trauma of January’s events is ever present.

‘‘After the disaster I lost some of my dreams. And I was very sad because I lost some of my friends, some of my teachers. I lost them. I’m very very sad to come back to school, but I know that all things are possible with God, so I came back just to learn something, because I want further education,’‘ said one pupil.

Even so only a few schools, many private, are expected to open this week, with many students being turned away because buildings are not ready.

Holy Trinity School Principal Joseph Tancrel Diegue said: ‘‘Perhaps some schools will start working. But we don’t think that will be the case with the Holy Trinity School because the ministry that was supposed to put up tents isn’t ready yet.

That slow progress has drawn widespread criticism.

But, the UN, which is backing Haiti’s education ministry, says it aims to get more than 700,000 students back to school in the next two months.