Shock in SA after Terreblanche murder

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Shock in SA after Terreblanche murder

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The overriding reaction in South Africa following the murder of Eugene Terreblanche is ‘what happens next?’

The former leader and figurehead of the rainbow nation’s white supremacist diehards had just emerged from political inactivity to revive his AWB party, with little success. However some supporters are already promising revenge.

His death, warns the AWB’s general secretary, is an indication of what may lie ahead in eight weeks’ time when the World Cup comes to South Africa.

“This is the type of incident that occurs in South Africa, this is what they can expect if they send their soccer players to South Africa,” said Andre Visagie.

Terreblanche was apparently killed in his sleep by two employees who claim he owed them unpaid wages. President Jacob Zuma has called for calm:

“It is important that all leaders who lead this country from different political formations and non-governmental organisations should unite in the call for calm.”

Some are saying a climate of hatred has been stoked by a song from the youth wing leader of Zuma’s ANC which uses a line, “kill the Boers”, from a song from the liberation struggle. Others have noted it is a phrase Nelson Mandela would never have uttered.

The song has been banned by two courts, but the ruling ANC has defended it as part of the national memory of the struggle against apartheid.