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Appeals for calm after Terreblanche killing

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Appeals for calm after Terreblanche killing


An appeal for calm by South African President Jacob Zuma is being echoed by the AWB Afrikaner Resistance Movement of murdered white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche.

Zuma has been urging people not to incite or fuel racial hatred.

AWB supporters have been paying tribute to Terreblanche at the farm where, it is claimed, he was hacked and bludgeoned to death.

Many right-wing Afrikaners believe the ruling ANC party has a secret agenda to wipe them out, a sentiment expressed by mourners outside Terreblanche’s farmhouse.

One unnamed supporter said: “Julius Malema said all the time: ‘Kill farmers’ and they did. And it’s not acceptable, not at all. There’s no way that it is acceptable. Who’s next?”

Malema is the ANC youth leader who recently sang an apartheid-era song at a political rally with the lyrics “Kill the Boer”.

The ANC says the song is just a way of remembering a history of oppression but it has worried white farmers – 3,000 of whom have been killed since the end of apartheid.

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