Sudan opposition parties pull out of election

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Sudan opposition parties pull out of election

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Last ditch talks to try to save crucial elections in Sudan are underway after all the main opposition parties pulled out of presidential elections.

The vote is less than two weeks away. Earlier, leading opposition candidate Yasir Arman said lack of security and electoral fraud were the reasons for his withdrawl.

‘‘The security situation, the state of emergency and the difficulties experienced by the people of Darfur do not allow for free and fair elections,’‘ Arman said.

The elections are the first since 1986 and its feared the boycott could wreck a faltering peace process in Sudan which began five years ago.

The opposition’s withdrawal may also mean current President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s return to power is all but assured. He’s wanted by the ICC in the Hague for alleged war crimes.

Even though some smaller parties have vowed to contest the vote, all of Bashir’s rivals have slammed the electoral process for being rigged.

Washington’s envoy Scott Gration has reportedly been holding meetings with government and opposition leaders in an effort to resolve the political dispute.