Moscow prepares to bury her dead

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Moscow prepares to bury her dead

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Moscow’s grief is preparing a public face as mourners gather for eight of the funerals of the victims killed in the double suicide bombing on Monday.

And death struck again today in the country. Two people were killed when their car blew up in Dagestan. Its thought they were carrying explosives.

On the Internet the chilling message from Doku Umarov the Chechen rebel leader said, “I promise you war will come to your streets.” It’s not known if those who died were acting on his behalf. Umarov has already claimed responsibility for Monday’s atrocity.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was quick to emphasise the attacks had implications for everyone no matter where they were in Russia.

“For us it is not important in what part of the country such crimes are committed. It is not important who the victims of these crimes were, or what nationality or type of person they were, we view it as a crime against Russia,” he said.

In Dagestan President Medvedev has made a surprise visit where two bombs exploded yesterday in which at least 12 people were killed.

As yet no group has claimed responsibility for this carnage in which the town’s police chief and eight of his officers were killed. Officials say these attacks bore all the hallmarks of previous suicide bombings by Islamist militants from the region.

The stations that were targeted are still adorned with flowers as tributes to the dead. The group behind the bombings says they were in revenge for the killings of Chechens in February by Russian security forces. For Muscovites their focus is now on a day of funerals.