Medvedev vows revenge on visit to Dagestan

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Medvedev vows revenge on visit to Dagestan

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Russia’s pain is mixed with a thirst for vengeance as it continues to bury the remaining victims from Monday’s Moscow metro attacks.

Earlier, while more funerals of the 39 dead were being held in the Russian capital, President Dmitry Medvedev made a surprise visit to the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan.

After holding a minutes silence with top security chiefs, Medvedev vowed to destroy the bombers.

‘‘Recently we have had some success in the fight against terrorism,’‘ Russia’s president said.

We have succeeded in destroying the most hateful bandits. But apparently this is not enough. In any case we will find them all in good time, and we will punish them all like we did before. Only this way things will happen,’‘ he added.

That tougher tone follows yesterday’s chilling video posting by Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov. He promised to bring war to Russia’s streets after claiming he was behind Monday’s bloodshed.

Medvedev’s visit to the Caucasus comes amid growing unrest in the region and fears Islamist militants may attempt to launch a major bombing offensive in Russia’s heartland.

Overnight, a further two people were killed in Dagestan when their car blew up. It is thought they were carrying explosives. That came only hours after another 12 people died in a twin suicide attack in the north of the country.