Danube Music Festival

In Sofia, Bulgaria, the Danube Music Festival is being held on a boat called the A38. It’s an old Russian tanker which has been converted into a


Oil at 18-month high

Oil has hit its highest price in 18 months as more investors piled in at the start of the new quarter, seemingly unconcerned by yet another rise in


French car sales accelerate

French car sales rose in March, boosted by a scrapping incentive. They were up by 12.8 percent, adjusted to take into account the fact that March


Moscow prepares to bury her dead

Moscow’s grief is preparing a public face as mourners gather for eight of the funerals of the victims killed in the double suicide bombing on Monday


India launches census

Counting heads in India – arguably one of the biggest mathematical sums in the world and an exercise that will last a year. It is the country’s