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Russia reports progress in metro bombing probe

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Russia reports progress in metro bombing probe


As grisly pictures were printed apparently showing the Moscow metro bombers, Russia’s hunt for those behind the attacks is said to be making progress.

Alleged accomplices are in security services’ sights after Monday’s suicide blasts killed 39 people. Security has been stepped up in the Russian capital amid fears of further attacks.

The bloodshed has been blamed on militants from the North Caucasus. A senior Russian official said a Georgian connection can’t be ruled out. Tbilisi fiercely denies any such link.

Eager to help the dozens injured in the twin rush-hour explosions, Muscovites gave blood on Tuesday, an official day of mourning. With the country in shock at what he called the “horrible events”, one donor said a lot of people were taking time out to help in this way.

Commuters paid tribute at the metro stations hit by the blasts as Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said the culprits must be scraped “from the bottom of the sewers” and exposed.

And, in Beslan, no stranger to militants’ violence, a vigil was held for the 39 people who died in the Moscow blasts. More than 330 people were killed in the North Caucasus town in 2004 after a school was seized by Chechen rebels.

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