Survivors tell their story of near escape

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Survivors tell their story of near escape

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An amateur video shot in the aftermath of the bombing has been flashed around the world. It shows the spots of blood, the smoke and sense of terror. The images have all helped to record Moscow’s Monday of horror.

Now the stories behind the pictures are starting to emerge from those who were there during the rush hour.

On Tuesday eyewitnesses have recalled their narrow escape when the bombs exploded close to them, including a cashier in the station’s ticket kiosk.

“I heard a bang, then I saw smoke. Then we saw passengers coming up by escalator. It took us some time to realize what had happened,” explained Lyubov Sinitsyna.

Two eyewitnesses told of their narrow escape.

“To be honest, I thought I could have been one of them. I was only 10-15 steps away. It could have been me,” said one.

“We were changing trains and the blast made us jump, our legs shook when we went down to Lubyanka station we were thinking – by then there wasn’t much panic – there I saw the dead bodies,” explained another.

The country’s newspapers also provided a visual reminder of the bombings which came at the start of Holy Week. The day that is usually called Pure Monday, was renamed in the headlines as Bloody Monday.