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Sport and other fitness activities in Europe not to everyone's taste


Sport and other fitness activities in Europe not to everyone's taste

A man who works out on his lunch break, all told taking a couple of hours at it, two or three times a week, is a statistical exception. It is not every European that does this much regular physical activity.

According to Eurobarometer findings from Brussels, a quarter of EU citizens say they do almost nothing. Although 65 percent do some sort of physical exercise at least once a week, the disparities from country to country are enormous.

Twenty-three percent of the Irish do a sport five times a week or more! The Swedes are the most regular, the Bulgarians, Greeks and Italians the least regular.

After consultations with Europe’s commissioner for youth, football governing body UEFA president the renowned Michel Platini was asked about this in Brussels.

He said: “I don’t know if they do a lot of sport in Italy but they talk about it… maybe that’s the only major sport in Italy: talking about sport, especially football.”

A European initiative later this year will try to boost projects in all the EU states — whether indoor or outdoor activities, solo or in clubs and fitness centres…

The Eurobarometer survey found far more people choose to stay healthy by walking, dancing and gardening than by playing an organised sport.