Moscow pays tribute to the city's victims

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Moscow pays tribute to the city's victims

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Moscow has been in mourning. Flowers formed the centre piece of the city’s tributes to those victims caught in the explosion at the Park Kultury station.

It was a day of tears and of thanks from those who had survived the underground terror.

The sense of fear felt by many of the rush hour commuters had given way to resolve.

“As to the sense of fear, this was exactly the intention: to make people tremble and fear, to create panic and destabilisation and so on. But this is not happening here,” said Moscow resident Nikolai Babenko.

Trains were running once again through the two stations at the centre of the attack. The sight was a nod to reality.

For many Muscovites the reality was a visit to the morgue to identify their relatives who perished in the atrocity. A grandmother and an uncle voiced their grief heavy with anger.

“I cannot get my child back. Some time passes and then the same thing happens again,” said Valentina Yegeazaryan.

“We need to wipe out this scum that still exists in our society, and not only in our society, but in the whole world,” Pyotr Yegeazaryan

The bodies of 39 victims lie in the morgue while over seventy people are still being treated for their injuries. Statistics that have struck at the hearts of Russians everywhere.