Spanish protesters call for bullfighting ban

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Spanish protesters call for bullfighting ban

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Hundreds of people have taken to the streets of Madrid, calling for a ban on bullfighting.

Animal rights groups organised the protest, after moves to have the spectacle declared part of the region’s “cultural heritage”, giving it legal protection.

“There are no arguments to defend this,” one protester said. “It’s just cruelty against an animal.”

But the Madrid region has a strong tradition of bullfighting and emotions run high on both sides.

“If they don’t like bullfighting, they don’t have to go and watch it,” one man said. “Those who like bullfighting should be allowed to go.”

Polls show growing disinterest in the spectacle throughout the country.

A motion to ban it was hotly debated in the Catalan parliament earlier this month.

But in the rest of Spain, the corrida still draws crowds.