UK Budget

With an election on the cards this May, Alistair Darling, the British Chancellor, has tried to draw up a budget designed to simultaneously cut the


The amazing naked mole rat

Naked mole rats are not much to look at – wrinkly and hairless with buck teeth – but these rodents live incredibly long lives and seem to shrug off


EU socialists mount Greek rescue

Another day, another angry demonstration in Greece against its government’s crash austerity programme, but tomorrow European Socialists are due to


Trial of Rio Tinto 4 ends

The trial of four employees of global mining giant Rio Tinto has ended in Shanghai, and anxious eyes are awaiting the verdict. The quartet is

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Greek firemen protesting

Greek firemen protesting over government’s economic austerity measures. The firemen marched to the finance ministry and parliament, joined by other


Germany agrees to Greek help

Germany says it is now ready to Greece’s debt-burdened economy but only as last resort and with IMF involvement. German Chancellor Angela Merkel


France ditches CO2 tax

France has abandoned its plans to tax carbon dioxide emissions. A law introduced last year planned to levy 17 euros per tonne of CO2 emitted