No mention of abuse scandal at weekly papal address

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No mention of abuse scandal at weekly papal address

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In his weekly address to pilgrims in St Peter’s Square, the Pope chose not to mention his apology for child sex abuse by priests in Ireland.

Bishops have praised the missive as courageous, but many victims say it does not go far enough in terms of transparency and accountability.

The Pope’s pastoral letter was read out during Mass to Catholics across Ireland.

“I don’t think the Pope has done enough,” said one man. “We still have our cardinals in office in Ireland, and they’re the men, the older cardinals. They’re the ones who had the problem and pushed it under the carpet.”

Another added: “It’s far too late to be coming out with a letter like this. It should have actually come out a long time ago. It’s not like this is news about the Irish church in 2010.”

Meanwhile, the leader of the Catholic Church in Germany is the latest to confirm reports that he failed to turn in an abuse suspect in the early 1990s.

Also, the Swiss Catholic Church is investigating around ten allegations of abuse by clergy.

Observers say each new revelation will put more pressure on Rome to undertake the painful reforms it clearly wants to avoid.