Evacuations near erupting volcano in Iceland

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Evacuations near erupting volcano in Iceland

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A volvano that has been dormant since 1821 has erupted in southern Iceland.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from the area, which is close to a large glacier.

A state of emergency was declared over fears the volcano may melt the glacier and cause flooding.

Flights around the area also had to be diverted, with smoke and lava spewing out of several craters.

One evacuated resident said they got phonecalls to alert them about what was happening, and they were not taken by surprise.

Another woman said they also got a phonecall and text message. She said they were scared and it was hard to leave behind their farm animals.

Scientists had been monitoring the glacier for signs of seismic activity, but they say there had been little warning of an eruption.

They are now waiting to see if the eruption dies down or whether more craters open up.