Effects of BA strike felt across Europe

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Effects of BA strike felt across Europe

Effects of BA strike felt across Europe
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Travellers across Europe are beginning to feel the effects of a strike by one of the world’s biggest airlines.

Cabin crew at British Airways have begun three days of industrial action after a 13-month dispute with management over pay and working conditions.

At check-in desks, like one in Athens, there are no signs of activity:

“My flight was scheduled to leave from Athens at 9 o’clock, flight number 293, whatever, and we’ve been delayed until 1.30 this afternoon,” said one man.

At the main hub at Heathrow, the terminals are relatively quiet. Most passengers appear to have made contingency plans.

But the strikers themselves admit their decision has led to bad feeling from the public.

“They are being spat at in the streets, crew, and people shouting abuse at them. It’s a right to go on strike and they should be able to go on strike,” said one.

“The atmosphere at work, with the rhetoric that is coming out from senior management, is very intimidating,” said another.

BA says the stoppage could disrupt flights well into next week.

A second strike is planned for March the 27th.