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More Java Jazz Festival Highlights

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More Java Jazz Festival Highlights

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Dira J. Sugandi performed at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta. She is a big star in Indonesia and has just released her debut album, “Something About the Girl”.

Pianist Bubi Chen is the most prominent jazz pianist in Indonesia – and probably the best-loved. The audience stormed the concert hall to get the best places for his concert. Rolling Stone rated his album “Bubi Chen and His Fabulous Five” as one of 150 Best Indonesian Albums. He has fans of all generations and the feeling is mutual. Bubi says that he’s “crazy about my audience”.

Russian singer Alexandra Sherling also performed at the festival. Her debut album “Dream” was released 3 month ago. She says: “I have been learning to sing since I was 4 years old. My mother taught me and then I had a professional teacher. For me, jazz isn’t popular music, it’s classical. It’s serious and I am a serious musician and that’s why I became a jazz singer.”

Austrian trio HDV mixes classical and jazz elements. They say they don’t ahve a boss between them. David Helbock says: “There isn’t really a boss. That’s why we call ourselves The HDV Trio – it’s the initials of our names – to show that we are all equal.”

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