Cuba's Ladies in White continue protest

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Cuba's Ladies in White continue protest

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A group of Cuban female dissidents dubbed “the Ladies in White” have marched for a fourth day in Havana to demand anti-government activists be freed from jail.

March 18 marks the anniversary of a 2003 crackdown by then-Cuban president Fidel Castro

One Lady in White said: “They can either kills us, put us in jail or release them. We will never stop marching no matter what happens.”

Some 40 women took part in the demonstration, under the watchful gaze of hundreds of pro-Castro supporters

They shouted slogans such as “long live human rights” and “freedom for political prisoners”.

The Ladies in White are made up of mothers and wives of some 75 dissidents, 50 of whom remain in jail.

Authorities rounded them up seven years ago in what has become known as Cuba’s’ Black Spring.

Cuba today has an estimated 200 political prisoners, several of whom have staged hunger strikes.

But Cuba’s government disputes that term, claiming they are mercenaries working for the US.