Tensions still high in Jerusalem

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Tensions still high in Jerusalem

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Israeli security forces continue to remain on high alert in Jerusalem with fears of additional clashes with Palestinians.

Relative calm has so far returned to the streets since yesterday.

However, the holy city remains a tinder box. Earlier, euronews spoke with Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti.

He said: ‘‘The intifada has already started well and what you’re seeing today is a peaceful popular uprising and the struggle since Israel started building the racist wall of separation many year’s ago. This Intifada has intensified up to what we see today. The Palestinians can no longer bear this injustice. We’ve been banned from entering Jerusalem for 5 years. Today I came here without permission. I had to climb hills for several hours before reaching the holy city. What you’re seeing today is only a popular and normal reaction of a people who’ve decided to gain their freedom and independence.’‘

The EU’s foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is also in the Middle East as part of an official tour.

She has warned Israel against its continuing plans to build more Jewish homes in occupied East Jerusalem.

Elsewhere, in Gaza, the Islamist group Hamas declared a ‘Day of Rage.’

Thousands of protesters hit the streets to rally against the reopening of a synagogue near to the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and the continued policy over Israeli settlements.