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Rescue dogs at Crufts

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Rescue dogs at Crufts

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Crufts is the biggest dog show in the world and is paradise for dog-lovers. Everything canine was at Crufts this year – in particular 28,000 dogs. Flyball, heelwork-to-music, agility, and demonstrations by the RAF and their sniffer dogs thrilled the crowds. But some of the most adorable dogs at Crufts were rescue dogs.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London rescues 12,000 animals a year. We met some of them and we asked Lisa Graham from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home about training rescue dogs.

She said “A rescue dog is no more difficult to train than any other dog. Sometimes quite the opposite. If you rescue a dog that’s slightly older it often has a level of training which puppies don’t have, if you buy a puppy.”

The Battersea Parade featured rescue dogs that had all been adopted by new owners. They were at Crufts to demonstrate that with a little patience, training a dog can be child’s play. Yannick, one of Battersea’s rescue dogs, now works as a training dog for Canine Partners.

Heather Loan, a trainer with Canine Partners, talked to us about him: “He’s trained to help somebody with disabilities as an assistance dog.”

She explained that he can do lots of things. Empty the washing machine, open doors, pick things up off the floor, undress people, a huge list of things…

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