Just over half of Greeks back austerity measures

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Just over half of Greeks back austerity measures

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Latest research shows just over half of Greeks back their government’s efforts to cut their ballooning debt and budget deficit.

A weekend poll showed 50.1 percent of those asked believe the cutbacks are along the right lines.

But some have questions about potential EU help:

“We want to know what terms this will be on. It will be worse if we take more loans and if the loan is too high, how will we repay it?” one woman asked.

Many – but not all – Greeks also think the country’s unions should restrain their opposition until the crisis is over.

“Working conditions are tough, we work nights, holidays and weekends, we are owed many days off. Now they also want to cut our salaries and benefits.”, was the verdict of one demonstrator.

More stoppages are planned in Greece.

Utility workers are planning action which is likely to lead to supply disruptions on Tuesday.

Civil servants also plan to strike soon.