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Green Zone is go

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Matt Damon stars in Green Zone directed by Paul Greengrass. It is a big budget action thriller set in Iraq and producers must be hoping for better box office performance than previous war films set in Iraq, ie The Hurt Locker which, despite collecting an impressive array of gongs, can only boast very modest takings.

But Matt Damon points out that this is a different offering. He says: “This is a big kind of action movie so it’s a very different feel to whether it’s ‘The Hurt Locker’ of any of the other Iraq movies that have come out.”

The plot has Damon as a US Army officer who discovers a dastardly plot and has to go feral in order to hunt for WMDs/save the world/get into the wrap party.

Paul Greengrass says “That’s a great premise for a conspiracy thriller, isnt’ it? It gives you a character who goes there for a noble cause, who goes there because he is going to find these weapons, disarm the dictator and what he finds of course, is a conspiracy which drives him on a great, dangerous journey.”

Green Zone is on screens now.

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