Day of violent clashes in Jerusalem

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Day of violent clashes in Jerusalem

Day of violent clashes in Jerusalem
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Violent clashes have broken out in Jerusalem between Palestinians and the Israeli police, leaving injuries on both sides.

It comes amid high political tensions and a growing diplomatic crisis.

In the Choufat refugee camp and the Arab neighbourhood of Issawiyeh, masked protestors threw stones at police, who responded with teargas and rubber bullets.

Smoke rose in the air as tyre barricades were set on fire.

More than 40 Palestinian demonstrators have been arrested.

Nine Israeli officers have been injured. Eight protesters are also being treated in hospital.

The Palestinians are angry at the rededication of the historic Hurva synagogue in the Jewish quarter of old Jerusalem.

There are rumours that the restoration work is an plot to demolish the Al-Aqsa mosque, 400 metres away. Israel has denied this.

In the Gaza Strip, thousands took to the streets for what Hamas called a “day of anger”.

The Islamist group, which controls Gaza, is calling for a third Intifada.