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Salazar, Buchinho show off at Lisbon fashion week

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Salazar, Buchinho show off at Lisbon fashion week

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Portuguese designer Ana Salazar and Luis Buchinho have presented their Winter 2011 collections at the Lisbon fashion week

Salazar has been a fashion pioneer in Portugal since the 1970s. In the late 80s she launched her own perfume, and in the 90s she branched out into ceramics, theatre and dance costume design. This century she has gone into eyewear. Now heading a group, her ambition is to make the Ana Salazar name an international brand.

Luis Buchinho is celebrating 20 years of creation in his collection this year, and this show kicks off a year of special events. Although he only began trading under his own name in 2002, he did not wait before embarking on a series of large scale projects, the very next year adding jewellery and footwear, and designing a range of uniforms for receptionists at Porto’s city hall. Like Salazar, he also designed a stamp for the Moda Portuguesa collection. This year sees the addition of a complete new line of accessories.

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